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Limit Kid's Computer Time

Posted by micki on June 28, 2012

Limit Kid's Computer Time

All kids like to play on the computer, play computer game or play on the Internet, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 1 to 2 hours of kid's computer time. And health experts say kid's computer time at home should be limited to two hours or less a day,  these time kid spend on the computer could be better spent being more physically active. So we should set rules about our kid's computer time,  but, how to limit our kid's computer time?

This is a chapter about how to limit kid's computer time, after we read the chapter, we can easily limit kid's computer time and all things are so easy. Ok, let us continue to study how to limit our kid's computer time.

We all know Windows comes with a program called shutdown.exe, it is located in C:\Windows\system32 directory, we can use it to set simple task to shutdown automatically, but it's function is so poor to limit kid's computer time, because intelligent boy and girl can easily bypass it, such as to adjust computer time or kill process of shutdown.exe by task manager and so on. So we need a professional software to limit our kid's computer time.

Awshow Auto Shutdown Software is a professional auto shutdown software, after install it we can easily disable Windows Clock change by setting the software, and the software can protect itself from task manager, kids can not kill the process of  Awshow Auto Shutdown Software by task manager, so child can not bypass the software.

Awshow Auto Shutdown Software is an invisible surveillance software, it can run secretly in the background and execute our plan of power off, restart or log off, and so on. We can set a password for it, when we want to adjust the task of auto shutdown, we can press 'ctrl + alt + shift + d' simultaneously and input our password to show the operation window of the software. So if our kid do not know the password, he or she can not bypass the task of auto shutdown.

Awshow Auto Shutdown Software provides 'simple mode shutdown' and 'plan mode shutdown'. In 'simple mode shutdown', we can simply set shutdown task as windows shutdow.exe. In 'plan mode shutdown', there are five periods of time to auto shutdown for every day in a week, so we can set different shutdown task for every day in a week. The software has 15 times free trial, in these days we can use it to limit our kid's computer time and do not pay any fees. So let us to download it to free trial.
limit kids computer time

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