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How To Auto Shutdown Windows 7

Posted by micki on August 05, 2013

How To Auto Shutdown Windows 7, Limit Kids Computer Time

Why do you want to auto shutdown in Windows 7? Maybe, there are many answers for the problem. Suppose you are downloading a big file from the internet and because your net connection is not that fast therefore you have to give a long time to complete. And then, you need to sleep or go out but can not because you are stuck in the above process. Then, here automatic shutdown comes our rescue. You can schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 7 at a time this process are predicted to complete. Or, your kids waste hours on the Internet, or play computer game, and then you want to limit kid's computer time.
Auto shutdown is very useful, this tutorial will guide you to set auto shutdown for your computer, so you can limit your kid's computer time or let your computer shut down automatically when you are out.
Many users know that Windows Schedule Task can shut down computer automatically in Windows 7, but, Windows Schedule Task is not perfect. First, Windows Schedule Task can only shut down computer at a specified time, you can not set different time to shut down your computer automatically. Secondly, any one can stop the shutdown task by the Windows Schedule Task, you can not set a password for it to protect your shutdown task.
Awshow auto shutdown software is an excellent auto shutdown manager, it is an excellent parental control software too. You can set different time to shut down your computer by it, and you can set a password to protect your shutdown task by the auto shutdown software. Following is a simple guide to use the auto shutdown software to shut down your computer automatically.
1. Download the auto shutdown software form 'HERE'.
2. Install the software into your computer, this process is very easy, what you need to do is following instructions of installation program to click 'Next' button.
3. When you first use the software, you need set a password for it.
Ok, you can download the auto shutdown software from Here, or click the following button to download it to auto shut down for Windows 7.
How To Auto Shutdown Windows 7

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